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Cocktail and Appetizers - Sainte-Thérèse


Cocktail receptions are offered at various events, from a simple formal meeting to the most sophisticated gatherings. We offer a convivial package called "apero", comprising a variety of appetizers such as canapés, verrines, gourmet spoons, sweet or savory brochettes and mignardises.

Cocktails and Appetizers – Sainte -Thérèse


Quantities are generally based on the length of the cocktail:

  • For a one-hour cocktail, aroung 6 to 8 appetizers
  • For a 2 hour cocktail, around 10 to 12 appetizers
  • For a 3 hour cocktail, around 15 to 18 appetizers
  • For a 4 hour cocktail, around 18 to 22 appetizers
Cocktails and Appetizers - Saint-Jérôme

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